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Bass Fishing Basics - Best Baits For Bass Fishing

May 5, 2015 by Articles
Bass Fishing Basics - Best Baits For Bass Fishing
  Submitted by: Mick Legg   Bass fishing is a really popular sport that can be enjoyed by anyone with the knowledge of a few Bass fishing basics. All species of Bass are some of the most sought after fish, as they are great fun to catch, and offer some of the best sport, both from the shore and from a boat. One of the first Bass fishing basics to learn will obviously be the bait. This can be live bait such as peeler or soft back crabs, these are really fine baits for Bass. A crab is a peeler when it is in the process of losing its old shell, (to test if a crab is a peeler, try lifting the rear end of its shell; it should come away easily). A crab is a soft back when it has already discarded its old shell but before its new shell has hardened. Other good Bass fishing baits include sand-eels, lugworm, and rag worm. Sand-eels can be collected from wet sand where they lie buried on a receding tide. They can be used as a dead bait but are more effective as live bait. Both lugworm and rag ...
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Which Prom Dress is Best For You in Prom, Short or Long?

Apr 23, 2015 by Articles
Which Prom Dress is Best For You in Prom, Short or Long?
A long dress already has a good reputation at formal parties. It is elegant and feminine, and a more formal looking dress that does not appear cheap or casual. The long dress is a safe choice for the prom.
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Public Fishing Sign Broadcasts Panther Lake Crisis

Apr 13, 2015 by Jim Flynn
Public Fishing Sign Broadcasts Panther Lake Crisis
A lone Public Fishing sign is a beacon of hope for residents of the Panther Lake area. Directing outdoor enthusiasts to the only public access point on the lovely lake, the true message it broadcasts reveals a political crisis that threatens the livability and economic development of the area.
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Benson Hill Crime Report Mar-Apr 2015

Apr 5, 2015 by Thomas C Reiter
Benson Hill Crime Report Mar-Apr 2015
Note to Benson Hill residents - be aware of increasing criminal activity in our neighborhood.  Recent crime reports from the Renton Reporter, local television and the City of Renton show ongoing interest in our area.  Warmer weather also can increase the incidence of break-ins because people leave doors and windows open and unlocked.
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French Cycling - All You Need

Mar 24, 2015 by Big Red
French Cycling - All You Need
Submitted by: Christopher Strong GETTING STARTED There are exceptions to the truism”you get what you pay for.” Buying a French Cycling bike is not one of them. This is not a cost. This is an investment. A chocolate bar is a cost. Once it’s gone – end o’ story. A good touring bike is an investment. A continuing story. More than simply reliable transportation. It’s also your confidante ,dream facilitator, passport to adventure and your best travellin’ pal. So – ya need to find the best travelling pal possible. N’est ce pas? Here are the “Friendship Qualities” to look for : THE FRAME. Light n’ strong. Here’s where “more”(dollars) is ,most often,  mo’ beddah.$400-800 should getcha 90% of the cycling enchilada. In this price range the frame will likely be “cromoly” – a tasty blend of chrome and aluminium. The more pictures of dead presidents you have to play with – the lighter the frame. The nth degree being carbon fibre. After that, it’s “the sky’s the limit price club.” Frames built with ...
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Florist – Professional Who Deals With Flower

Mar 19, 2015 by Articles
Florist – Professional Who Deals With Flower
The production, trade and commerce in the field of flowers is called floristry. It deals with caring flowers and handling the same, flower arranging and delivery of flowers. The retail florists provides fresh and bloomed flowers.
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