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Bike and Pedestrian Trail

Feb 12, 2015 by Jim Flynn
Bike and Pedestrian Trail
The Renton City Council adopted the Benson Hill Community Plan October 14th, 2013.  The extensive, exhaustive project was prepared by, and for, the entire Benson Hill Community. The seventy-five page document listed strategies and tactics to help improve livability and economic development in the City of Renton, Benson Hill Community.  The plan was left unfunded and allowed to die on the vine. Community networks continue to deteriorate.  Jim Flynn offers a solution. The plan was made by City of Renton contractor, MAKERS architecture and urban design working with the Benson Hill Community over a two year period.  It called for making 116th Ave., Southeast the crown jewel of the Benson Hill communities. The most affluent area of Renton includes the area known as South of Petrovitsky.  The Benson Hill communities have fared poorly in terms of capital improvements in SE Renton.  Livibality continues to decline while our neighbors in the Highlands have seen $17.4 Million over three years ...
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Carlos Ghosen's Vision

Oct 26, 2014 by Jim Flynn
Carlos Ghosen's Vision
The environmentally friendly all electric Nissan Leaf replaces old generation gas guzzling, fossil fuel, carbon emitting transport system.
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Make Halloween Masks With Paper Mache

Oct 10, 2014 by Articles
Make Halloween Masks With Paper Mache
Halloween Craft: Make Halloween Masks With Paper Mache Submitted by: Susanne Myers   You'll need just a few things to make just about any mask you can imagine. Those items include balloons, newspaper, wallpaper glue and some acrylic paint. A pair of sharp scissors comes in handy to cut out eyes and mouth. Wear old clothing, or put an apron on both you and your child. Making the mask can get a bit messy.   Cover your work area in plenty of newspaper to protect it from glue and paint. Next, cut several newspapers into strips. Blow up a balloon so it is slightly larger than your child's head. Now dip a newspaper strip completely in the glue and stick it on the balloon. Continue doing this back and forth until you have the entire balloon covered in several layers of newspaper. Work out any wrinkles as you go along. The more layers of newspaper you have, the sturdier the mask will be.   Finally add any features specific to the mask you are making. For example, if you are making a frog ...
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Handmade Leather Luggage Bags

Jul 18, 2014 by christopherlawyer2
Handmade Leather Luggage Bags
Are you planning your next trip ? Are you looking for completely new, cooler hand bags that can give you that “feel” while you are on your trip ? Look no further. The handmade leather luggage bag is here to make your journey more easier. With these bags you can be assured of the quality as well as remain very high on style. These bags make sure that the best of the journey is on your lap. One of the coolest things about them is that they look quite formal, even while maintaining the classy factor. Today every traveler wants to buy these bags, which is for the great reason. On a journey you look for the comfort and also the ease of carrying your heavy luggage. Adding some gloss to it does not harm. This is why the handmade leather luggage bag assures that your charm remains intact with their polished and nicely done craftsmanship. Always go for the ideal leather bags in the market. These bags, even though a light higher in amount than the usual, last longer. Make sure that the entire ...
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IGF Peptide

Jul 16, 2014 by alexrichard
IGF Peptide
IGF Peptide contains IGF-1, and that is also referred to as while somatomedin G the industry health proteins that may be for some reason encoded by means of IGF-1 gene throughout mankind, along with IGF-2. That peptide will be called seeing that sulfation aspect possessing a number of consequences about our bodies. The side effects are usually mentioned while non-suppressible insulin including action. IGF Peptide is comparable within framework to be able to insulin. This specific peptide provides hormone IGF-1 that will accounts for increase within mankind over the child years and contains anabolic outcomes whenever they come to be grownups. That IGF Peptide is employed with regard to the management of your challenging increase inability disorders. That hormone IGF-1 is actually secreted simply by Liver organ throughout the skin in addition to with the endocrine gland. Their generation can even be elevated by means of revitalizing simply by use of Hgh. It really is by some means ...
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